Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling

The world of genetic understanding is growing. Let's navigate it together.

Anywhere, Anytime

The genetic counselors at AT-GC are here to help patients by:
  • discussing the basis of hereditary disease
  • providing counseling regarding appropriate genetic tests
  • aiding in test implementation
  • providing personalized prevention and management information
  • educating patients regarding the health effects of specific genetic changes
  • interpreting complex test results in an understandable and relatable manner

Specialized Care

AT-GC offers genetic counseling  across many genetic sub-specialties, including:
  • genetic oncology
  • cardiology
  • pediatric genetics (only available for results interpretation)
  • preconception and prenatal genetics
  • whole exome sequencing
  • DTC test result interpretation and general health genetics

Who We Serve

AT-GC partners with organizations who want to integrate cutting-edge genetics services into the care they provide to their patient population.
  • Individual Patients
  • Genetic Testing Laboratories
  • Medical Providers and Practices
  • Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Health Plans and Insurers

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Customized referral, contact, and reporting 

As the only nationwide telegenetic company founded and actively managed by certified genetic counselors, Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling offers comprehensive genetics consultations and unparalleled expertise in genetic testing implementation and interpretation.

With our focus on thorough, compassionate, and ethical care, we strive to treat each patient with the utmost respect as they navigate the world of hereditary conditions and personalized genomics.

At AT-GC, we believe that all people should have equal access to genetic counseling services, and by utilizing telemedicine as the platform through which we connect with patients and providers, we are turning our passion into reality, one genetic test result at a time.

Customized Referral and Practice

AT-GC provides organizations with custom branded referral forms. Standard forms may include company-branded referral forms, genetic health questionnaires, and information regarding the genetic counseling and testing process.

Download a sample referral form


Prioritized Patient Contact
AT-GC contacts patients in a timely manner. Patients are often scheduled or counseled within one week of referral.  Providers have to option to prioritize patients in need of a quick turn around time for medical management purposes, with urgent referrals contacted within three business days.


Accurate Reporting
Customized reports detailing patient consultations, family histories, management guidelines, and interpretation of genetic testing results are shared with the referring provider, thus encouraging continuity of care between patients and their referring provider following genetic counseling and testing. The staff of AT-GC is available to answer any questions the referring office may have regarding these consultations.

Concierge Genetic Counseling Service
Do you have specific requirements or concerns? We can handle that! We will work with your organization and providers to design the process customized to your company or practice. Comprehensive genetic counseling services, along with access to AT-GC’s team of certified genetic counselors and medical professionals, are often available at low or no cost to our Preferred Providers.

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